...Bearing witness to Power Abuse, Corruption and Human Rights Violations in Nigeria

Frontline Team

Front-line team is the grassroots community face of CIAN. Our Front-line engages with the public face-to-face to raise awareness about our campaigns, in addition to inspiring people to take action to save our future, and advance tomorrow’s society. Every day, we harness the power of our Front-line to resource and educate our communities, build our volunteer network base, and coordinate actions and strategic feed-backs from the advocacy field. In addition to being focal point of feed-backs, our Front-line offices are the local hubs of CIAN’s activities in their area, where staff in various communities engage with volunteers in campaigns at the grassroots level.

If you would like to become a Frontline Team member with CIAN, then click here to fill out this online form or alternatively you can download this form, fill it out and send to - office@ciancenter.org

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