...Bearing witness to Power Abuse, Corruption and Human Rights Violations in Nigeria

Campaign Networking

CIAN’s campaign networking is rooted in three forms:

First, our campaign networking is rooted in community-based groups, and movements, partnering, them in the critical tasks of thinking through and articulating issues their members consider critical to the full enjoyment of their rights as contented and engaged citizens.

Second is, in the law making and policy community, providing critical inputs in policy-making process, and doing oversight to ensure the making of favorable laws and people-oriented policy for the benefit of all; and third, is during the preparation and implementation of programs and projects with research institutions, foreign universities, international organizations, local and international NGOs, and the secretariats of international conventions.

While seeking to develop these networking, CIAN does not align its interests with any political party, government agency, decision-making community, interest group or private organization. However, we work to influence policy outcomes we consider critical to common good, by openly and robustly advocating the findings of the studies we have conducted to target and general audiences through our action programs.

Again too, CIAN does not seek to develop the capacity to implement public policy but, makes clear that it is interested in working to build and develop an army of change agents engaged in intellectual enterprise of thinking through the conditions and processes necessary for development of a just and sustainable social order in Nigeria.