...Bearing witness to Power Abuse, Corruption and Human Rights Violations in Nigeria

Case Action & Intervention

Taking-action can mean different things to different people. Our members, volunteers, and supporters ask their neighbors and friends to occupy public spaces. They carry placards, posters and signposts to raise awareness and register their displeasure against corruption, human rights abuses and anti-peoples’ policies. They send petitions, tweet, and share videos posts on youtube, wahtsapp and facebook with their family and friends. They march in rallies, write letters to politicians, and vote against candidates with questionable records.  At the instance of those affected, in concrete situation of citizen’s rights violations; CIAN reacts quickly by acting to intervene, analyze the cases and mobilize citizens nationally to send out Urgent Action protest letters. 

In close co-operation with the affected people, groups or communities, CIAN persistently approaches the responsible authorities and scrutinizes their decisions. Moreover, existing recourse mechanisms and legal remedies under national and international human rights law are applied to provide redress to the victims. Citizen’s rights are also defended through constitutional guarantees. We work together to create a stable polity using peaceful direct actions, and creative communications against any attempt to short-change the enduring interests of Nigerian people. We don’t just talk about the issues — We spur people to do something, because we know that what they do, big or small, can make a difference. Hence, by default, we don’t just identify problems, we create solutions, and possess the courage to take-action and stand up for what we belief!