...Bearing witness to Power Abuse, Corruption and Human Rights Violations in Nigeria

Case Investigation

Before we address a problem that comes before us, we need to know the issue, the dimension, the nexus, and the implication. As we are committed to finding them out, we work with experts, and researchers across the globe to build a deep understanding of the problem.

With the belief we hold in the public’s right to know, our investigations will expose the problem and the people, the companies and government officials that need to be held responsible. CIAN has exposed abuse of power, human rights violations, budget padding, and tracked how corruption and fuel subsidy money in politics affect government policies and mortgage the future of millions of Nigerians. We will continue to provide detailed investigations into the polity to see which individuals, groups and organizations, are part of positive change and which ones are holding us back.

Our research team uses tools like the Freedom of Information Act to hold the government accountable for its actions, and then subsequently provides that information to our members and the public so that we all have the facts to make informed decisions.