...Bearing witness to Power Abuse, Corruption and Human Rights Violations in Nigeria

Education & Empowerment

CIAN has active social media platforms, energetic volunteers, and varied actions teams that support individuals that want to stand up for their beliefs. We organize training and shares skills; bring people together for meetings, rallies and marches; and engage all different kinds of people who are impacted by policies, issues and actions emanating from state-actors. While zealously maintaining our independence and objectivity in critical inquiry and advocacy, we document the results of researches and analyze them in a whole range of publications accessible to all. These targeted information campaigns and awareness-raising are intended to empower, motivate, and spur non-governmental organizations, social movements, volunteers, and supporters from civil society to a new realm of social actions.

In CIAN, we believe that once the citizens’ civic activism is activated, this will in turn spur them to participate directly in policy debates that may complicate their today and implicate their tomorrow. On the other side, our education and empowerment materials also seek to clarify for governments and other duty-bearers the details of their obligations and the most effective way to implement them.