...Bearing witness to Power Abuse, Corruption and Human Rights Violations in Nigeria

Our Philosophy

CIAN is bound and guide by the following 6 beliefs:

Much as CIAN accommodates the advocacy and belief that democratic ideals are crucial to a nation’s development, we also wants to advance that the nation can only develop through a type of democracy (governance) carefully designed and emanating from the demand and aspirations of its traditions and society, which shall herald the much talked about accountability and transparency in government, needed to facilitate the building of an enduring political culture.

While CIAN attaches the highest priority to follow the money and takes significant steps in bringing about a material decrease in official corruption; it also wants advance, a constitutional review of the Immunity Clause. CIAN holds that, without a review, the fight against corruption will not be winnable, as rogue politicians will continue to have a field day in turning this avenue to an engine of fraud. We believe that a review of the said Clause, will not only close the corruption gap, and bolster the ability of watchdogs, as well as civil society organizations to effectively fight corruption; it will also ensure efficient use of public resources, built public confidence in governance, create jobs, and ultimately make Nigeria an investment destination.

CIAN believes that governments at all levels must ensure adherence to the rule of law by vigorously following the provisions of laws, codes or statutes in serving justice and ensuring that no one is exempted from accounting for his or her conduct when a law is breached, or a human right violated.

CIAN holds that, the exercise of democracy will succeed to the extent that it is governed by the moral principles that are in harmony with the evolving interest of a rapidly maturing human race. These includes: integrity needed to win the respect and support of the governed; the objective assessment of needs and aspirations of communities; trustworthiness; transparency; and consultations with people affected by decisions, at both the levels of conception and implementation.

CIAN believes that one important way to promote popular participation in governance is through democratic decentralization. CIAN proposes that this process be commenced at the local government level, since local governments deal with matters of local concerns and are the closest to the people. As local government officials are generally members of the local communities that they serve and, are easily accessible to the people; it therefore, ought to be at the local government level that ordinary citizens should find it relatively easy to engage their elected representatives.

CIAN realizes that there cannot be accountability without transparency. It will be impossible for citizens to hold government officials accountable for their stewardship if conduct of the government affairs is kept secret. The affairs of the government cannot and must not be kept secret from the people. It is therefore, of utmost importance that deliberate efforts be made, by elected officials and citizens alike, to increase public access to information about the affairs of government.