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This is a secure online portal through which information bordering on human rights violation in all forms and shade, covertly perpetrated or in the open, deemed to merit public attention, and a redress can be disclosed. CIAN does not promise justice, but we will sustain the momentum, and galvanize support and resources for a redress towards justice.

Guidelines for submitting complaints to CIAN on human rights violations
CIAN is poised to promote and protect your human rights and rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association. To be able to do this, CIAN would be glad to receive credible and reliable information from governments, business organizations, non-governmental organizations and any other parties who have knowledge of pertinent situations and cases.

Who can submit information?
Any party who has knowledge of a human rights violation. This includes corporate organizations, nongovernmental organizations, individuals, including alleged victims, legal representatives, and family members.

What is the scope covered under peaceful assemblies and associations?
International human rights law only protects assemblies that are peaceful, and interests or relationships that are not based on falsehood or deceit i.e. those that are not violent, and participants with peaceful intentions or behaviors.

What happens when the information reaches the Special Rapporteur?

*As information arrives, CIAN first seeks to determine if it is a credible human rights violation.

*Secondly, every effort is made to verify the information and seek additional details if necessary.

*Thirdly, CIAN reaches out to the authorities where the alleged violation is thought to have occurred or to the non-State actor concerned via a letter. This is usually done through urgent appeals or petition/allegation. These letters provide details of the victim(s), the alleged events and the human rights concerns.

*All communications sent, and replies received from Governments (if any) are confidential and remain so until when necessary.

In cases where individuals are the alleged victims of violations, CIAN seeks either their direct consent or the agreement of their families or lawyers if access is restricted. The identity of individuals and organizations that send information to CIAN is always kept confidential and is never referred to in the letters to Governments or non-State actors or in public reports.

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